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Client Testimonials

WHY YOU SHOULD PURCHASE YOUR PITBULL PUPPY FROM RAISING CAIN KENNELS: Client Testimonials see what our clients have to say!

From Sheree, (Bocephus and Daisy)

Just wanted to say thanks again for breeding such AWESOME APBT's. Bocephus and Daisy are amazing! The are gonna make me some great puppies on day~! I look foward to keeping in touch with you and want to also say congrats to anyone else who has been blessed as we have to be able to get one of RCK's incredible pits! I wish we could've seen Mia at the airport when we picked up Daisy!


From Hillary and Zack, (Chanel)

Cain x Pebbles pup 16wks oldIf anybody is looking for a pitbull to buy well Raising Cain Kennels is the place to be! Thank you so much Michelle for Chanel... she is so pretty and very smart for her age! I'm so glad I didn't get a pitbull from Jeanna Koski(Triplextreme kennels) she ripped me off and never gave the money back! Raising cain kennels is an excellent kennel, Michelle answered all my question that i had. keep up the good work!


From Tito, (Mercedes)

Cain x Pebbles pupI would just like to say that I had a great experience buying a pup from RCK. Michelle does a great job of answering all of your questions and erasing any worries you might have. But their was something even better than that and that was my pup Mercedes. She is so beautiful and smart. She has one of the best personalities I have ever seen in a dog and when Michelle says Bigger, Thicker, Wider she is telling the truth! Mercedes is bigger than all the pups her age around here!! You can't go wrong with a RCK pup and you will be the talk of your pit bull community with a truly XXL pit bull!!


From Tyco, (Cannon)

Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the papers.Also my big boy is great!!




From Eric, (Red Baron)

3mo oldYou have been a real pleasure to deal with in our search for a new addition to our family! Your # is in my phone so I WILL keep in touch and send you tons of pics:) My wife says thank you from the bottom of her heart. He will be loved for sure with us I promise !:)



Terry and Z, (T-Bone)

Cain x Pebbles pupOh, my God he is georgeous!  He is such a happy boy.  His little tail wagged the whole time.  His first picture looks exactly like Cain's pic on the third row of the fun pic page on the website.  Check it out; cool huh.  Thanks for all the wonderful  things you do.  We appreciated excellent breeders like you guys.  Call me later.


From Ushearnda, (Big Tex)

Cain x Pebbles pup.Well finally Big Tex has arrived in small Lynn,Ma. We are very pleased to have him apart of our family .Just think a year ago this time we were putting our faith to the test by just sending out money to people we knew nothing about and who knew nothing about us ,but Thank God that once again he has turned our faith into sight.
Thank you Michelle and family for blessing our family with our foundation rednose male and we will always stay in contact with you.
God Bless

From Lynette, (Missy)

Cain x Tennessee pupI purchased beautiful Mia . Michelle,you took away all my insecurites regarding purchasing online. It was just a smooth transition from day one, til the day I picked her up from BWI Airport. Recently renamed as "Missy" she has been a absolute joy. I will definitely purchase my male puppy from Raising Cain Kennels!


From Calvin and Josh (Dago)

Cain x Tennessee pupI bought a pit bull male from Michelle.  Dago has been a real joy and a challenge.  I have never owned a pit bull.  I had heard so much negative stuff about them until I had to do some research.  I found that they can be loyal and brave and also love children.  If properly trained they are a joy to have.  So far Dago has been great.  He loves to play and loves people.  Thanks again and keep up the great work and breeding great dogs.  Pit bulls are the bomb. CMJ


From Shannon (Kimbo)

Kimbo is currently 100lbs, and is a WONDERFUL boy , i couldnt have asked for a better dog ,he is such a big baby!  but a protecter too :) I Recently took him to a sanctioned show in arizona, and entered him in best Male red nose, and He won 2ND PLACE out of 10 dogs.thought you would love to know. I Recently took him to a sanctioned show in arizona, and entered him in best Male red nose, and He

thanks again


From Joseph K(Syrus)

Syrus weighed in at 58 lbs. and turned 6 months old yesterday. I could not have chosen a better breeder, Syrus is the best pit bull ever. He is on his way to becoming one of RCK'S many studs, but also has a gentle & fun-loving personalitiy. I just want to thank you for having such amazing red nose pit bulls.




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